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Remote Circulation SE Version 

Product Fact Sheet

AUTO LIBRARIAN™ Remote Circulation SE Version is a full function circulation module to be used in conjunction with the AUTO LIBRARIAN™ SE Library Server Version as a networked circulation computer when installed onto a remote computer networked to the AUTO LIBRARIAN™ SE server.


AUTO LIBRARIAN™ Remote Circulation SE Version is designed to perform remote circulation functions when used in conjunction with AUTO LIBRARIAN™ Library Server Version 4.0 for Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98.

AUTO LIBRARIAN™ Remote Circulation SE Version enables the user to perform all of the operations available on the Circulation file folder tab of the AUTO LIBRARIAN™ Library Server Ver. 4.0. These functions include:

Check Out
Check In

Circulation Due Dates are set daily from the server including Predefined Due Dates and Skip Fine Dates. 

Borrower and Book/Item information (form view) can be accessed at Check Out however this option can be password protected.

The full on screen help file can be accessed by the F1 function key at any time for case sensitive help.

Live circulation statistics are updated to the networked server computer instantaneously.

Up to three remote circulation computers can be networked to the library server (one licensed copy per computer).

System Requirements

Auto Librarian™ Remote Circulation SE works in conjunction with Auto Librarian™ Library Server SE. System Requirements mirror those of Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98.  Remote computer must be networked to main Auto Librarian™ SE Library Server Version with network in place.


COMPUTER: Pentium processor with 32 MB RAM (minimum).

MONITOR: Resolution: 800 x 600

DRIVES: 10 MB or larger hard drive space available

SYSTEM: Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT (4.0 requires Service Pack 6a)/Me/98

Auto Librarian™ Library Server SE Version must be installed on library server computer.  Auto Librarian™ Library Server Version 4.0 users must upgrade to Auto Librarian™ Library Server SE before installing Auto Librarian™ Remote Circulation SE.  See Upgrade page for upgrade pricing.

No Service Fees or Contracts - Unlimited Technical Support - Technical support is available at no additional cost via email or non-toll free number.

Affordable Pricing - See Pricing for current prices.

Companion Product:

Auto Librarian™ SE Library Server Version  Windows Library Management Software. 

How to order:

To order fax in our printer-friendly order form: Printer Friendly Price Sheet

Include a purchase order#, ship to, invoice to, and email addresses.


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Phone (Sales)/Fax:  (800)330-8026

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Technical Support

Phone (technical support):  (561)997-2509



AUTO LIBRARIAN is a trademark of MC˛ SYSTEMS. Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98 are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.  Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.




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